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Objects brought Online

Driven by connectivity,
data and artificial intelligence,
the 4th Industrial Revolution is changing the way we live and work.

IoT helping to solve real African problems.

By connecting more “things”, your business is able to capture more data and information – enabling you to make quicker, more informed decisions.

Begin your IoT journey today.

Chimera Internet of Things provides a platform for increased productivity and innovation. We offer a range of flexible and easy-to-use solutions that can help monitor and protect your operations

Our IoT solutions

Addresses a wide range of use cases. From cutting costs to streamlining operations and offering new insights into your business, there are endless benefits from adopting IoT technology.


Discover what our IoT technologies can do for your -
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Internet of Beer

“We enabled the The Big Five Breweries leverage on IoT to enhance their bottomline by automating the beer production processing, delivery, service, and consumption.”

The Big 5 Breweries

East Africa, Kenya

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

“The UK-Kenya Tech Hub partnered with Chimera IoT - to launch Artificial Intelligence for Africa Bootcamp, designed to provide African Tech companies and Startups with practical work experience and training on AI & ML, to enable their digitisation into the 4th Industrial Revolution.”

UK-Kenya Tech Hub

Worldwide, UK, Africa, Kenya

Internet of Gas Cylinders

“With the onset of SARS-CoV-2 virus, shortage of oxygen was stretching government, gas producers and health services to a new level of efficiency. BOC Gases Kenya commissioned Chimera IoT to solve their gas production and gas cylinder logistical problem (loss, misplacement, status and maintenance).”


Worldwide, 6 Continents, Southern Africa, Eastern Africa, Kenya

Industry 4.0 With IoT

“We enabled Chandaria Industries to utilize predictive maintenance, workplace, and factory environment monitoring solution. This optimized their production cycles and provided a more pleasant and safer work environment for the workers.”

Chandaria Industries

Africa, Eastern Africa, Kenya

Smart Real Estate

“Pinnacle Real Estate approached us with a vision to make their real estate business more efficient, ranging from equipment mentainance, procurement, energy management, utility management, and making their homes Smart to attract millennial buyers.”

Pinnacle Real Estate

UK, Asia, Africa, Eastern Africa, Kenya

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June 3, 2019

Precision Agriculture

With our increasingly less expensive, and more powerful, sensors and analytics platform our technologies is helping revolutionize farms to watch over their terrain more effectively. We aim to...

  • Strategy

    Assorted soil sensors, Weather sensors, Vehicles telemetry

  • Design

    Dashboard, Analytics, Telemetry, WAN

  • Client


  • Tags

    farming, industrial

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Smart Logistics and Supply Chain

IoT in logistics and supply chain allows extraction of data from every entity part of the loop. For logistics and supply chain companies, availability of a larger...

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Smart Buildings

Chimera IoT building management solution allows you to effectively monitor the energy consumption of your buildings with Low-Power / Ultra Long Range products that are quick...

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June 3, 2020

Smart Worksites

Chimera IoT solutions addresses many of the issues that hold back worksite productivity: equipment reliability, unpredictability of work, task and supply-chain complexity, and asset integrity.

  • Strategy

    Vibration Sensors, Assorted Air Quality Sensors, Machine Telemetry

  • Design

    Dashboard, Analytics, Telemetry, Sigfox

  • Client


  • Tags

    industrial, worksite

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Smart Factories

With our sensors and connectivity, we make it possible to monitor production equipment in real time. This enables new approaches to maintenance that can be far more...

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Smart EMS

Chimera IoT Energy Management Service enables efficient use of energy in factories through energy safety management, energy quality management, energy usage management and analysis data of...

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IoT Smart Parking

The number of vehicles on the road is rapidly outpacing the supply of available parking spots. Parking has become a widespread issue in urban development. This...

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Smart Insurance

Our IoT-connected insurance represents a new standard for the insurance business. This new approach is based on the use of sensors to monitor an insured risk and...

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IoT Connectivity for Businesses

The future of business is IoT – and in order to obtain reliable results, you need a reliable IoT connectivity option that works for your business’...

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Smart Gas, Water and Electricity

We enable smart utility services where energy, gas and water use is being monitored and proactively managed for increased profits, waste reduction, conservation, and sustainability goals.  

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Smart Offices and Retail

There are many ways in which the retail industry can use IoT technology. Chimera IoT offers smart sensors that can be used to monitor customer satisfaction, provide...

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June 3, 2019

IoT Training and Certifications

Our training on Internet of Things covers the development of Internet of Things (IoT) products and services—including devices for sensing, actuation, processing, and communication—to help develop...

  • Strategy


  • Design

    Dashboard, Analytics, Sigfox, Gateway

  • Client


  • Tags

    industrial, training

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