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Smart Buildings

Chimera IoT building management solution allows you to effectively monitor the energy consumption of your buildings with Low-Power / Ultra Long Range products that are quick and easy to install. Our know-how with wireless technologies allows us to work with equipment manufacturers, integrators or operators looking for wireless products and ready to use solutions.

We provide a complete product offer for several targeted applications.

  • Strategy

    Assorted Sensors and Smart Meters

  • Design

    Dashboard, Analytics, Lora WAN, Gateway

  • Client


How can I tap into a Smart Building application for my business ?

Chimera IOT Smart building solution uses an integrated building environment management system through real-time building environment management monitoring and motion detection, leak detection, fire detection, and outlet power management sensors, by utilizing environment detection sensors such as temperature, humidity, and CO2 for each space in the building.

Our Smart Building Solution will help you achieve

  • Optimal building environment management service through real-time building environment data collection.
  • Prevention of fires, leaks and theft in buildings.
  • Provides data for analyzing electric energy usage and usage patterns according to energy usage.

System Architecture

The system image below shows the data flow and integration
points of the Chimera IOT Smart Building solution that uses the data platform to collect and analyze building environment data .




Dell 3001



ntek system_Gems 3514


Rising HF

LoRa Gateway_industry



Door – Window sensor



Health home (temperature/humidity/Voc)



Gas Detector



Smoke Detector



Water Leakage Detector

System Application and Demonstration

Energy Management

We make it possible to monitor through the dashboard, various data such as the amount of electricity per period/hour being used in the building, the maximum peak information, voltage/current/frequency, electric quality (power factor, unbalance rate) and safety management (leakage, overload, power failure) etc

Building Environment Monitoring

Real- time monitoring of environmental data such as temperature, humidity, Co2, and fine dust by building location is possible in real time through individual environmental sensors installed in the building .

In addition, various data such as leaks, fires and theft accidents can be checked in detail through the dashboard. helps farmers to improve crop productivity and operational efficiency by taking strategic actions guided by these insights.

Let’s work together

Increase the value of your building.

Previously, managing buildings have been expensive with huge operational costs.

But with our precision building management solution you can manage all your buildings on the palm of your hands at a very affordable cost while automating the repetitive tiresome aspects of the building management.

Let’s work together

Got a property ?

We're a team of engineers who are excited about solving the impossible and helping your real estate properties achieve the next big leap in growth by leveraging IoT technologies to serve your business and mission needs.

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