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Smart Offices and Retail

There are many ways in which the retail industry can use IoT technology.

Chimera IoT offers smart sensors that can be used to monitor customer satisfaction, provide supply chain insights, monitor food safety, and track assets.

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Welcome to Data - Driven Retail.

There are many ways in which the retail industry can use IoT technology.

Chimera IOT offers sensors can be used to monitor customer satisfaction, provide supply chain insights, monitor food safety, and track assets.

Every aspect of the retail industry can benefit from the Internet of Things.

These include individuals, small enterprises, and large enterprises. Consider for a moment how a retail store may be able to use IoT in its operations.

A retail store could dim the lights when they have a small number of customers, for instance. How about adjusting the air conditioning system as more people enter? These are straightforward possibilities for IoT in retail.

The best part of IoT is its ability to do a task without the involvement of any person.

Customer Satisfaction Monitoring.

Retailers can use IoT solutions to enhance customer satisfaction. IoT sensors connected to a dashboard or set of color-coded buttons allow stores to collect customer feedback immediately after the shopping experience.

This data provides real-time shopper satisfaction insights that can improve in-store customer experience.

Supply Chain and Logistics.

Our IoT solutions can also be employed by retailers to monitor goods throughout the entire supply chain. Tracking systems report valuable data such as location, temperature, humidity, shock and tilt, providing insights into quality control and traceability. Tracking solutions help determine if materials are safe, delivered on time, and transported in ideal conditions — all data that can help retailers make their transport logistics more efficient, reduce product damage and avoid loss.

Our IoT solutions is already providing value to businesses in logistics. According to a survey of business leaders cited in a Deloitte Review on the Internet of Things potential to recast supply chain management, 74 percent of those who implemented initiatives such as sensor-based logistics saw increases in revenue. In fact, the average supply chain contribution to a company’s bottom line increased from 4 percent to 8.5 percent in only one year, with industry leaders seeing supply chain revenue contributions on the order of 10 percent.”

Food Safety Monitoring.

Food and beverage industry retailers can use our IoT solutions to monitor temperature of storage spaces, helping them to ensure food doesn't spoil. Perishable food spoilage and deterioration in the retail grocery industry results in a significant loss of profitability, with groceries on average losing KES 70 million annually to spoilage alone.

IoT solutions are helping reduce loss due to spoilage and ensure food safety procedures are followed by accurately monitoring the temperature of food storage facilities. This is done with a simple device installed in the storage unit and linked to an online dashboard which is configured to send alerts in the event of abnormal temperature levels. Real-time data from IoT sensors helps retailers protect perishable goods, ensure optimal freshness and reduce waste.

Asset Tracking.

Retailers can use our IoT technology to track lost shopping carts and baskets. Tracking these assets can help stores reduce the cost of having to replace them. Shopping carts are expensive for retailers to replace, costing stores anywhere from $75 to $250 each.

By placing sensors on assets like shopping carts, retailers can track them to their exact location and receive status updates and alerts if they're damaged. Tracking devices, installed on carts and baskets, function indoors and outdoors and can run for months or even years without having to replace the batteries. These sensors can help retailers improve customer experience by ensuring they always have enough shopping baskets and carts available for shoppers.

As IoT networks become more ubiquitous, we welcome retailers to embrace the technology, using it across their operations to enhance customer experience and improve business efficiencies.

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The aspect of retail with the most significant influence of IoT is improving the customer experience, online and offline.

IoT in retail multiplies the number of channels retail operators can exploit to reach new and existing customers. Imagine the possibilities of targeted outreach in building customer loyalty and helping with retention.

At present, retailers are using IoT sensors to monitor customer satisfaction, monitor food safety, track assets, and provide supply chain insights.

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