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Precision Agriculture

With our increasingly less expensive, and more powerful, sensors and analytics platform our technologies is helping revolutionize farms to watch over their terrain more effectively.

We aim to provide extra value added services by enabling you to have a much more thorough understanding of what’s happening on your land without having to go out and visit each acre each day.

  • Strategy

    Assorted soil sensors, Weather sensors, Vehicles telemetry

  • Design

    Dashboard, Analytics, Telemetry, WAN

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How can IoT help my Farm grow ?

With our precision agriculture, control centers collect and process data in real time to help farms make the best decisions with regard to planting , fertilizing and harvesting crops.

Sensors placed throughout the fields are used to measure temperature and humidity of the soil and surrounding air. In addition, this can be integrated with third party pictures of fields taken using satellite imagery and robotic drones.

Furthermore the solutions below will help you achieve exponential growth.

Optimize planting, harvesting and distribution by :

Weather prediction

90% of all crop losses are due to weather. With Our IoT platform that can integrate IoT and weather data, farms are able to build predictive weather modeling. We are able to provide the insights that help farms make strategic decisions on planting crops and take necessary actions to prevent the damage caused by extreme weather.

With weather data, farms can even build advanced irrigation systems to save water and prevent pesticide waste by predicting rain.

Plant and field real-time monitoring

Our IoT platform can integrate with third party drone imagery and sensor data from soil and environment sensors.

The insights generated from that data can help farms make better decisions and therefore drive high performance.

This solution can monitor the plant environment 24/7 in real-time, analyzing drone aerial imagery and sensor data from soil and environment, getting information such as plant health, soil moisture, CO2, sunlight, rainfall, air, humidity and more. It helps farmers to improve crop productivity and operational efficiency by taking strategic actions guided by these insights.

Food safety and supply chain management

We are aiming to help farmers use data to make precise decisions from planting, growing, harvesting, to transporting food.

The ability to monitor and track the route of food delivery can not only save food waste but enable food safety. Up to 40% of food is wasted, which is estimated to cost approximately $165 billion each year. And 50% of the food waste happens during distribution. To define the best route to transport food with the information of weather and all environmental conditions is a critical step to prevent food waste. Moreover, food companies now monitor the production and delivery process to control the quality of food. People can know where their food came from due to the transparent food supply chain.

Have the future of the agricultural industry on your side

Smart agriculture has been identified as the top ranked opportunity in 2020 Global Opportunity Report. The farmers and stakeholders in the ecosystem are encouraged to implement advanced technologies to use the resources efficiently and optimize yield. The acceleration of advanced technologies and innovation are transforming the agriculture industry.We can fight the food shortage together and create a sustainable future for the next generation with the Internet of Things.

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The future of precision agriculture.

When farms collect up-to-date information on their farms, they can understand what situation will be in the future, and they can predict some problems that may arise. Moreover, farms may use data to improve their sales and change business processes.

Many business processes in farming can be automated . Thus, leaving the farms to pay attention to other important processes.

Let’s work together

Got a farm?

We're a team of engineers who are excited about solving the impossible and helping your farm achieve the next big leap in growth by leveraging IoT technologies to serve your business and mission needs.

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