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Smart Logistics and Supply Chain

IoT in logistics and supply chain allows extraction of data from every entity part of the loop.

For logistics and supply chain companies, availability of a larger set of real-time data and the ability to analyze it exponentially improves the strategic decision-making capabilities.

  • Strategy

    GPS Tracker, RFID, Humidity & Temperature Sensors

  • Design

    Dashboard, Analytics, Sigfox

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Data Driven Supply Chain and  Logistics.

In the cold chain, keeping assets at a very specific temperature and humidity is the core of the business, full stop. Our advancements in IOT technology have allowed this sort of precise data gathering to be done without prohibitive labor or capital costs for the first time.

Precise sensing devices and our infrastructure to send data to cloud allows for problems at a per-asset level to be identified, monitored, analyzed and recorded immediately, from anywhere in the world.

Key Features.

Cold Chain Monitoring.

Exact temperatures. Zero spoilage

  • On-asset real-time sensing dramatically reduces asset loss and spoilage
  • Full asset condition transparency to all involved parties across the chain
  • Full asset condition transparency to all involved parties across the chain
  • Prevention of storage and handling accidents through immediate notifications

Fleet Monitoring.

Full-picture fleet knowledge and optimization

With our latest in cloud and IOT technology, the capital barriers in place for operating and installing a full vehicle fleet tracking system are being broken down.

We enable you to get complete and accurate vehicle, cargo, and locational data collected and immediately sent to a central cloud-based analytics platform.

Our fleet monitoring system is a package allowing you to track your vehicles and provide insights on them immediately, with a minimum of development and installation investment.

  • 24 hour visual fleet monitoring based on our rock-solid widget-based web applications
  • Process vehicle movement characteristics to identify problems, react to emergencies, and reward good driving habits
  • Provide a clear, comprehensive flow of information directly to asset/cargo owners in real-time
  • Remotely accessible dashboard for monitoring power status at all times of day, from any location

Indoor Tracking.

Precisely controlled assets. Optimized worker productivity and safety.

Due to our advances in low-energy RFID technologies, asset positions, both moving and immobile, can be accurately tracked, stored, monitored and analyzed from our cloud.

Together with a refined visualization and dashboard, Chimera IoT can help you analyze the movement and productivity of workers and indoor assets to a very fine degree of detail.

Asset conditions, location and exact status are continuously monitored and delivered to customers directly to improve the relationship and get the most out of warehouses and indoor areas where assets are distributed and used.

  • Per-Pallet insights and tracking data analysis
  • Link asset and worker movement and status to productivity
  • Immediately detect problems and emergencies

Improved decision making and daily schedule planning educated by precise and reliable site-wide data

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Increase the value of your business.

Businesses can now place our IoT sensors with a variety of components to help manage inventory more efficiently.

With an IoT inventory system, the supply levels of several critical elements can be monitored in real time to help inform business decisions and prevent shortages. The data from these systems can even be analyzed to predict the future inventory needs of the business.

Let Internet of Things accelerate your business

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We're a team of engineers who are excited about solving the impossible and helping your businesses achieve the next big leap in growth by leveraging IoT technologies to serve your business and mission needs.

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