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Smart EMS

Chimera IoT Energy Management Service enables efficient use of energy in factories through energy safety management, energy quality management, energy usage management and analysis data of manufacturing plants.

Based on electricity consumption monitoring equipment of distribution panel


Chimera IoT Energy Management Service enables efficient use of energy in factories through energy safety management, energy quality management, energy usage management and analysis data of manufacturing plants based on electricity consumption monitoring equipment of distribution panel


Gain leading edge over your competition using IOT.

Without a direct way to control, monitor and automate building systems. Optimizing equipment energy consumption intelligently is impossible.

Chimera IOT EMS system is designed to use reliable power consumption, environmental and presence data, to optimize the consumption of electricity to focus on when it is needed.

When you don’t need someone to manually turn things on and off at a switch or remote control, significant optimizations can be made.

Value Proposition.

Energy Conservation.

Reduce your energy costs and optimize energy supply and consumption by :

  • Centralized monitoring of data points, weather etc., measured directly against environmental equipment energy consumption to produce actionable usage optimizations
  • Improving equipment lifetime through optimization of power quality
  • Electricity usage-based billing and occupant-lead remote control to help optimize business processes and resource consumption
  • Regulatory compliance is made incredibly easy with continuously collected data across your premise
  • Automated warnings and suggestions based on observed power consumption abnormalities between devices used in similar environments

Better Energy Management.

Improve customer service and reduce operational costs, while
meeting regulatory standards 

Energy quality throughout industry can have a very large effect on customer service, operating and maintenance costs, service quality and many other variables.

Our EMS is designed to use cutting edge advances in wireless IoT technology to enable the direct monitoring of the actual energy quality and consumption at any physical location remotely, and in a way that centralizes the data for further processing and analysis.

With this data, voltage sags/dips, surges, interruptions and other energy-related problems can be immediately dealt with and proactively avoided, saving both time and money across the business while delivering automated billing and remote meter reading.

  • Direct, wireless measurement of power consumption and voltages at each piece of equipment
  • Automation system capable of immediately reacting to energy abnormalities on a per-second basis
  • Core power analysis tools and algorithm available to analyze energy quality data – drives prediction of energy quality problems before they cause harm to business
  • Remotely accessible dashboard for monitoring power status at all times of day, from any location

Have Complete Control.

Control any-device remote remotely and utilize data-driven automation.

Along with monitoring the specific quality and consumption of energy coming into devices, it is also possible to control them with the same secure connectivity.

Using automated rules and direct control from the operator’s command center, devices of all shapes and sizes can be set to run at specific times of the day, and can react to data gathered both inside and outside of the workplace.

In this way, devices are specifically controlled to be used only when needed.

  • Automatically controlling the usage of devices from a central location, that can be automated
  • Reactionary control of high-power consumption devices based on current energy market and costs
  • Enablement of power consumption data analysis and efficiency driven through access to that data
  • Reduced maintenance costs of equipment sensitive to power surges/dips and other power quality issues, enabled through specific, low-latency control
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Increase the value of your business.

Previously, managing businesses energy usage have been expensive with huge operational costs.

But with our precision Energy Management Solutions (EMS) you can manage all the energy consumption in your businesses on the palm of your hands at a very affordable cost while automating the repetitive tiresome aspects of energy management.

Let Internet of Things accelerate your business

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We’re a team of engineers who are excited about solving the impossible and helping your businesses achieve the next big leap in growth by leveraging IoT technologies to serve your business and mission needs.

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