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Smart Worksites

Chimera IoT solutions addresses many of the issues that hold back worksite productivity: equipment reliability, unpredictability of work, task and supply-chain complexity, and asset integrity.

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    Vibration Sensors, Assorted Air Quality Sensors, Machine Telemetry

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    Dashboard, Analytics, Telemetry, Sigfox

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Leverage on the 4th industrial revolution on your worksites.

Worksite industries depend on costly and complex equipment to get the job done - drilling for oil from an offshore platform, excavating at a construction site, or transporting ore out of a mine with giant trucks.

Downtime, whether from repairs, breakdowns, or maintenance, can keep machinery out of use 40% of the time or more.
Largest potential impact could be from condition-based and predictive maintenance practices, which cut routine maintenance costs, reduce breakdowns, increase productive uptime, and extend the useful life of machinery.

Why IoT for my worksites ?

Operations optimization

In worksites, our solutions help improve worker safety and health.
A similar amount of value might be unlocked from using wearables and employee location systems to increase productivity, including through job redesign, particularly in construction.

Predictive maintenance

Our IoT solutions can benefit worksite equipment vendors (and their customers) through data-based design and improve equipment performance through remote monitoring of equipment in use a worksites.

Even though most worksites are in developing economies, more value could be generated by IoT in worksites in advanced economies because of higher potential adoption rates.

Real Time Tracking

One of the biggest benefits of our IoT solutions is allowing worksite operators to track and optimize activities in real time that previously could be tracked only manually (counting the number of employees on a construction site on any given day.

Augmented-remote monitoring

In a worksite, a maintenance mechanic could receive diagnostic data through remote monitoring platform, call on an expert system to help quickly diagnose problems, and get to work on the needed repair.

Observing the work, the remote technician would make sure the repair is executed properly—alerting if a screw is left behind.

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Implications for stakeholders.

Better profits come from using IoT data to identify and implement best practices, impose a higher degree of predictability, improve efficiency, and increase effectiveness.

By tracking all the small stages of a process, for example, operators can detect anomalies in real time (such as a construction team that is taking longer than expected to complete a certain task) and intervene immediately.

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Got a worksite?

We're a team of engineers who are excited about solving the impossible and helping your worksite achieve the next big leap in growth by leveraging IoT technologies to serve your business and mission needs.

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