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Smart Gas, Water and Electricity

We enable smart utility services where energy, gas and water use is being monitored and proactively managed for increased profits, waste reduction, conservation, and sustainability goals.  


Chimera IoT Smart Logistics is designed to help companies create end-to-end IoT based solutions through it’s pre-made UI/UX and functional modules. Creating a IOT solution for logistics-related business has never been easier.

Enterprise IOT for Gas, Water and Electricity management and metering

With constant urbanization as well as demand for greater efficiency, utility companies need to augment capacity while adopting new solutions to optimize management of their existing utility assets. When it comes to manage the delivery and use of energy and water, or how cities are run, there’s a lot of opportunity that Chimera IoT offers.

The introduction of smart grids, smart meters and new ways of generating and transporting energy are being driven by our IoT solutions.

We enable smart utility services where energy, gas and water use is being monitored and proactively managed for increased profits, waste reduction, conservation, and sustainability goals.  

IoT enabled Smart Water Management

Our smart Water metering IoT solutions are expertly designed to enable utility companies, cities, municipalities,  buildings and industrial sites to increase profit margins, improve the performance of their water distribution system, reduce infrastructure investment and operating costs by implementing automated water consumption monitoring, water flow metering, and leakage detection.

Chimera’s IoT connectivity platform is used for high scale smart metering projects, benefitting from Sigfox technology and its long range and low power capabilities. Providing affordable and reliable way to manage metering and assets.

Why use Chimera IoT Smart Water Management Solutions.

Automated Meter Reading

We enable Meter-to-Cash services by visualizing water consumption, using connected meters. This reduces your billing costs by eliminating manual meter readings and reading errors.

This cost savings can be passed to the end consumers who get reduced consumer bills, also having access to their real-time water usage data to identify potentials to enhance water efficiency.

Reduce non-revenue water losses

Reduce non-revenue water losses through quick detection of water leaks and instances of fraud, using connected sensors, and address leaks prior to them becoming costly main breaks.

This optimization improves water management by ensuring sustainable management of water resources while enhancing revenue collection.

Quality and pressure monitoring

Operate a continuous health monitoring of the water distribution system, with synchronized pressure, flow and quality measurements using connected IoT sensors.

Advanced sensing data can be correlated with other data to enhance analysis, reporting, and prioritization of problem-solving.

Remote Valve Control

Remotely disconnect or limit water flow to an end customer using connected Smart Valves, using bidirectional, low-latency IoT connectivity.

We eliminate the need to roll a truck to perform this function, saving money while enhancing the safety of field crews.

Why Use Chimera IoT  Smart Gas Management Solutions.

Automated gas meter reading

Remotely measure gas flow rate through pipes via wireless Sigfox network and visualize gas consumption, with the ability to view usage trends.

Reduce billing costs by eliminating manual meter readings and reading errors.
Reduce consumer bills by giving them access to real-time gas usage data and improving their consumption habits.

Safety and System Integrity monitoring

Our Smart Gas IoT solution allows to visualize what’s happening inside gas pipelines: pressure changes, temperature, pipeline stress via strain gauges, the status of cathodic protection and more.

Get real-time data with prioritized alarms that allow you to maintain safe delivery operations, employee safety and meet regulatory requirements.

Methane sensing and gas leaks control

Automate and correlate readings to reduce gas losses. Monitor changing levels of methane using smart methane sensors.

Remote disconnect valves are used to shut off gas service when elevated levels of methane are detected, alleviating potentially dangerous situations before they arise, keeping utility personnel and customers safe.

Why Use Chimera IoT Smart Electricity Management Solutions.

Automated meter reading

IoT brings effective and scalable grid automation in a wide urban area with smart electricity meters transmitting readings via Sigfox.

IoT utility metering and submetering allow to monitor electricity usage remotely and reduce billing costs by eliminating manual meter readings and errors.
Reduce consumer bills by giving them access to real-time energy usage data.

Fraud, leaks and power losses detection

Electric power diversion detection can now be based on real-time, continuous, and localized analysis of changes in electric current flows and voltage levels in the distribution network to distinguish legitimate metered loads versus those from theft.

Our IoT solution helps to identify when current is drawn on the secondary of a transformer that did not go through a meter.

Overload detection

Smart meters enable transformer load management, performed at the device level by continuously calculating and monitoring impedance throughout the lower voltage system.

Utility companies can save money and time, avoid utility energy losses and serious safety risks by knowing when the transformer is approaching overload situations and taking action to avoid this situation.

Grid equipment monitoring

Substation temperature and humidity levels can affect the lifetime and performance of utility assets.

Remote Sigfox sensing allows to take care of grid assets: monitoring operating conditions in medium/low voltage street cabinets (temperature, humidity, vibration, door contact, pulse…) for unauthorized openings and overheating detection; monitoring lightning impact on key network infrastructure using connected surge arresters; copper cable drums theft detection using trackers; overhead power lines monitoring for electrical faults on portions linked to electric boxes at the bottom of the poles.

Demand response programs

IoT allows a granular control to switch individual loads on and off so that they can be reduced where needed and in times of peak power demand without impacting customers. Residential Demand Response is made easy and inexpensive using a seamlessly integrated device in the electrical panel.

These programs incentivize customers toward more energy-conservative usage patterns, giving utilities another tool for managing the use of the utility’s infrastructure.

The end result is reduced Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) and Operating Expenditure (OPEX) costs, ultimately reducing customer utility bills.

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But with our precision IoT enabled management and billing solutions you can manage all your business assets and energy billing directly from your consumers on the palm of your hands at a very affordable cost while automating the repetitive tiresome aspects of energy utility management.

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